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We are ‘Angelstar’ are an award winning professional three-piece band based in Ayrshire, Scotland. Our line up consists of a Female

Lead Vocalist, Male Lead Vocalist, Keyboard Player/Backing Vocalist and DJ.


We have been together for fourteen years, performing throughout the U.K - in addition to various locations worldwide, including Thailand and New York.

The three of us love what they do, entertaining at weddings, corporate events and birthday parties to name a few. Our objective is simple – ‘ensure our audience has the most incredible time.’



This Winter, Ayrshire’s much-loved band, Angelstar take over the CentreStage Theatre on Friday 3rd & Saturday 4th November as they celebrate their 20th year together. ​Join the band as they share their memories and take you on a musical journey covering their most popular hits to date. This musical extravaganza is guaranteed to entertain and is certainly not one to be missed.


If you’re looking for a night packed full of energy and fun - book your tickets now for a party to remember with Marc, Cheryl and Frank.


#BeEntertained | #A*

Meet the Band







Cheryl Barnes is the bands Female lead vocalist.

Fran Gormanley is the bands Male lead vocalist.

Marc Barnes is the bands Keyboard Player, backing vocalist and DJ.



  • How much do you charge for a wedding reception?
    The standard wedding price is £1300. You pay £100 deposit and £1200 in cash on the night. This is for a wedding within 1 hour travelling distance and for the hours 8PM to 12AM, anything more is open to negotiation.
  • How many band members does Angelstar have?
    Angelstar is a three piece band, which consists of our Female lead vocalist Cheryl Barnes, our Male lead vocalist Fran Gormanley, and our Keyboard Player, backing vocalist and DJ Marc Barnes.
  • Are you available for my date?
    Contact us at and we can check for you.
  • Can you play longer than 8PM to 12AM?
    The band no longer plays beyond 12am. However we offer a DJ service for people who want to party beyond 12am. DJ from 12am - 12:30am - no additional charge. DJ from 12am -1am additional fee of £50.
  • How do i know if Angelstar are the right band for me?
    Contact the band direct at and we will give you a list of dates where you can come and listen to us near where you live and make that important decision.
  • How do i pay Angelstar?
    You can pay your deposit by cheque or bank transfer. From your own point of view this is better because it means you have proof that you have paid it. The outstanding balance must be paid on the night in cash. Please note: We do not accept cheques on the night as a form of payment.
  • I don't like carrying alot of money around with me, what will i do?"
    Many wedding venues are willing to keep your money in a safe until such time you need it to pay the band, or you can pay us before we start which means you don't carry it about all night.
  • How long does it take you to set up all your band equipment?
    It takes Angelstar around 1 hour and 30 minutes to set up, do a sound check and get dressed for the occasion. At a push we can do it in about 45-50 minutes, but we prefer not to rush setting up our gear as we like to make sure it's all done correctly. Please note: Although not essential, it is desirable that the band are provided with a facility to get changed into performance attire.
  • How long will your break be?
    30-45 minutes, also depending on how long your buffet takes.
  • Can you play background music during the buffet?
    Yes no problem at all, in fact, Angelstar now offer DJ services during the band's break at NO extra cost.
  • I need the band to set up in the afternoon, can you do this? "
    There is an additional charge of £50 for this and sometimes it isn't possible due to other commitments. If you require this, contact Angelstar at the earliest post at our email -
  • Can i listen to Angelstar anywhere online?
    Yes, you can. Angelstar can be listened to on Facebook, Website, Soundcloud and YouTube.
  • What kind of music does Angelstar play?
    At a wedding Angelstar play a wide mixture of music ranging from the 60's all the way through to current day's chart hits. One thing different about us compared to many other bands is that we always keep up to date and will always be playing songs that are in the current UK top 40.
  • Can you play any traditional Scottish music?
    Yes, we can play the Gay Gordon's, Dashing White Sergeant, Flower of Scotland, Loch Lomond and Auld Lang Syne. If you want us to play the Dashing White Sergeant please let us know before your wedding by emailing us at
  • Do you talk people through the steps for dances such as the Gay Gordon's?
    No, we don't.
  • I would like half my wedding to be Ceilidh and half pop music, can you do this?"
    No sorry, if you want this then our advice would be to hire a Ceilidh Band and a DJ.
  • I don't want Scottish music at my wedding, is that ok?"
    Yes that's fine, if you don't want it you don't need to have it, that also goes for any other specific songs you may not want.
  • I want a particular song for my wedding because it is special to us, can you play it?"
    Yes, we will learn a special song for your first dance in most cases, as long as we feel we can do the song justice. So far we have never been given a song to learn that we feel we couldn't do justice.
  • Can you learn more than one song for my wedding?
    No sorry, we are limiting this service to one new song per wedding.
  • I'd like to hear our song done by the original artist at our wedding is this okay?
    Yes, if that is what you want then that's absolutely fine, we can organise that.
  • Can i see your wedding playlist?
    Contact via email if you wish to see our Song List, please note that we will not play every song that is on the list at your wedding. Every wedding is unique and we believe that there should be no such thing as a set wedding playlist. On the night we will select the song's that we feel are most appropriate.
  • Can we choose the playlist for our wedding?
    No sorry, you can choose the first 2-3 songs, then after that it's up to us. We believe we have the experience to select the best playlist for your night.
  • Do you offer a DJ with your band?
    Yes we do, at no additional cost as well.
  • Can you tone the music down for my event?
    We don't only play wedding receptions and at some of our gig's the audience want the music really loud. At a wedding we still play up-to-date song's but we mix these with older classic songs to please the wide variety of age groups you normally find at a wedding reception. The same goes for volume, at a wedding the volume needs to be appropriate for all age groups, we understand that although your 18 year old cousing might want it sounding like a rock concert your 73 year old grandmother won't be of the same option. Therefore a happy medium is needed. Don't worry Angelstar will make sure the volume is at the correct levels.
  • My wedding is going to be 90% guest's who are alot older than me, I want older music at my wedding if that's ok?"
    Whilst we play a wide mixture of music at a wedding reception, essentially we are still a young sounding band. Therfore if you want old music all night we suggest you book an older band. Whilst we could still do a job for you there are loads of band's around that specialise in older music.
  • My wedding has been cancelled, do i get my deposit back?"
    No, the deposit is non-refundable UNLESS Angelstar Band are at fault. Please note that in the unfortunate event of cancelation you must let us know at the earliest oppurtunity. Failure to do so can result in you being liable for the full fee.



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